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  Welcome to my pinball (and vid) page!  Click on the artwork below for information regarding the specific machine.  There are lots of pictures and details regarding repairs and tweaks I have done.  I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.  You can contact me using "pins" at this website.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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Change History
  Change Date
Change Description
  March 12 - 13, 2015 Added information about the Revenge from Mars / Pinball 2000 driver board (here)
Added information about up/down ramp fix
  March 4 - 8, 2015 Started Revenge from Mars (Pinball 2000) page (here)
Added details about Ultimarc Video Amplified
Added details about upgrade to RFM version 1.6
Added original Revenge from Mars VGA wiring to Wells-Gardner 19K7302
Added various pictures of video integrated with gameplay
Added information about Pinball 2000 / Revenge from Mars CPU fan replacement
  February 15, 2015 Rewrote Atari Marble Madness page to be more modern and mobile friendly
Added section on track ball rebuild here
  February 14, 2015 Rewrote Atari Star Wars page to be more modern and mobile friendly
Added section on Amplifone deflection repair here
  February 3, 2015 Rewrote Tempest cocktail page to be more modern and mobile friendly
Added section on dark plexyglass polishing. Click here
  January 24, 2015 Several updates to the Tempest cocktail section including new cocktail glass/art and installation of CPO (control panel overlay).  Click here  
  August 17, 2014 Twilight Zone decal for "Battle the Power" diverter installation (here)  
  August 9, 2014 Twilight Zone (pre-DCS) sound clicking/popping sound problem fixed (here)  
  June 4, 2014 Tempest monitor repair for bending vectors near bottom (here)  
  May 24 - 28, 2014 Added info about Tempest cabinet restoration
Added info about Tempest cocktail artwork vectorization (here)
  May 13, 2014 Added information about replacing Tempest's WG6100 HV caps
Added information about installing the LV2000 to repair Tempest's WG6100 low voltage
Added info about Big Blue replacement (here)
  May 8, 2014 Started Atari Tempest cocktail page (here)  
  May 5, 2014 Added information about GI header repair as well as information about Twilight Zone GI dimming (here)  
  March 30, 2014 Twilight Zone Clock started acting up ("clock is broken") so I made a fix (here)  
  March 1, 2014 For Area 51 Site 4, added information about replacing lightgun PCB for accuracy.  Also added strategy information to defect the alien queen at the end of the game (here)  
  February 24, 2014 Added information about cap kit for Area 51 Site 4 monitor (here)  
  November 30, 2013 Added video of gameroom into Gameroom section (here)
Moved an "informal review" of Herg's LED OCD I originally wrote on Pinside to my web page (here)
  November 14 - 15, 2013 Added info about converting Area 51 Site 4 from old hard drive to flash drive with an IDE to SD adaptor  
  November 9, 2013 Added a picture of the 74175 chip that assists with high score saving in Asteroids Deluxe.  
  November 2 - 7, 2013 Started a new page for my Atari Area 51 Site 4 arcade game.   Check it out here..  
  September 3, 2013 Added a few panorama pictures of the gameroom  
  August 18, - 29, 2013 Fixed speaker hum
Replaced the Twilight Zone clock casing / housing
Adjusted the Twilight Zone gears so that both hands point at 20 o'clock when powered on
Replaced broken ball pop cup on the gumball VUK
Rebuilt the GI connector that was previously soldered directly onto the driver board
  May 5 - 18, 2013 I'm back to adding Pinball stuff!   I've got hold of a Twilight Zone.   Check it out here.  I've been updating this page frequently.   Here are some of the updates:
  • New "enhanced" slot machine target
  • Flipper cleanup
  • Subway cleaning
  • Using #545 LEDs in backbox instead of incandescent #545 bulbs
  • Fixed lack of audio when I first got Twilight Zone
  • Twilight Zone clock repair
  • Twilight Zone modified to use LED lights
  • Mylar removal
  • Tons of pictures
  April 14, 2013 Added some info about the TX-NR818's HDMI EDID handling  Click here.  
  April 8, 2013 Short updated the Sony HW30 projector Onkyo TX-NR818 compatibility section
Also made small update the TX-NR818 clicking noises and solution.  Click here.
  March 18, 2013 Updated the Sony HW30 projector Onkyo TX-NR818 compatibility section.  Click here.  
  March 3 - 7, 2013 Added information about Sony HW30 projector and (what I thought was the) Onkyo TX-NR818 "power on" fix.  It turned out not to fix it.
Also added some info about Lip Sync (AV Sync) for the Onkyo TX-NR818.   Click here.
  February 9 - 17, 2013 Another off-topic section... I've added information about the Onkyo TX-NR818.  This first section attempts to describe how the (confusing?) video output functionality works.   Click here.  
  February 3, 2013 Added information about Data Easy Simpsons GI repair  
  January 31, 2013 Another unexpected addition.   1080p convergence and focus test patterns with discrete colors (red, green, blue) for monitors and projectors (here)  
  October 22 - November 6, 2012 Branching out!  Got a Japanese Pachislo (Skill Slot) machine called Yajikita (here)  
  May 27, 2012 Added information about Asteroids Deluxe high score repair
Added another image of restored coin door
  May 7, 2012 Atari Star Wars yoke potentiometer swap (here)  
  May 4, 2012 Added picture of "Atari Wall" to gameroom (here)  
  April 25 - 27, 2012 Added image of Asteroids Deluxe cabinet almost 100% cleaned up
Added info about coin door and side art image to Asteroids Deluxe (here)
  April 15 - 19, 2012 More info added to the Asteroids Deluxe page (here)  
  April 14, 2012 Added Asteroids Deluxe page (here)  
  March 18, 2012 Added video of FunHouse gameplay to FunHouse page
Several updates to the Sony VPL-HW30ES / VPL-HW30AES projector page have been done (but have not been listed here over the past month)
  February 16, 2012 Surprise!  I've written my impressions of the Sony VPL-HW30ES / VPL-HW30AES projector!
Click here to read...
  September 10, 2011 Added Daytona 2 mosaic picture to the Daytona 2 section  
  September 5, 2011 Roadblasters thumb trigger repair added to Roadblasters section
Road Show voltage selector repair added to Road Show section
  September 2, 2011 Slight modifications to the Roadblasters section  
  August 29, 2011 Started a Roadblasters section  
  August 23, 2011 Added more details to the System 1 audio issue in the Marble Madness section  
  August 21, 2011 Added information about repairing an audio problem with an Atari System 1 Main PCB to the Marble Madness section  
  July 15, 2011 Updated WhiteWater page with a (much) improved video  
  July 5, 2011 Added new gameroom video  
  March 5, 2011 General cleanup to the Atari Star Wars page  
  March 4, 2011 Added more details of my x2212 settings / high score fix  
  March 3, 2011 Star Wars / Empire Strikes Back settings / high score fixed!
Moved some of the basic screen shots to later on the page
  February 26, 2011 Update regarding Star Wars NOVRAM and crosshair centering
Added info about Star Wars x2212 novram, settings and high scores
  February 19, 2011 Added a couple of pictures of Empire Strikes Back running on the Star Wars  
  February 10, 2011 Miscellaneous updates to Atari Star Wars section  
  February 8, 2011 Star Wars yoke controller calibration  
  February 3, 2011 Started Atari Star Wars vid section  
  January 22, 2011 Added game room picture section
Info about Marble Madness coin door lights
  January 9, 2011 Atari Volcano switch repair for Marble Madness  
  January 4, 2011 Added picture of pretty much complete Marble Madness
Added picture of populated control panel
  January 2, 2011 Marble Madness control panel overlay/decal install  
  January 1, 2011 Happy New Year!  Added pics of Atari volcano/cone player buttons  
  December 14, 2010 Added Marble Madness side art (decal) install  
  November 14, 2010 Picture from Marble Madness restoration (bondo and paining)  
  November 12, 2010 Marble Madness side art removal  
  November 6, 2010 Started Atari Marble Madness page (Marble Madness)!  
  June 25, 2010 Added information about "Race Leader" relay repair  
  June 22, 2010 Did some cleanup on the first 20% of the Super GT page... will try and get to the rest soon..  
  June 18, 2010 Added SuperGT image for link on home page, info about removing the decals from the chairs, info about topper lighting.  
  June 16, 2010 Finally published some text about taking apart the Super GT  
  June 9, 2010 SuperGT steering pot ("volume") replacement.
Some more gear shift info
  June 4, 2010 Added information about DATA ACCESS EXCEPTION to Super GT section. 
Also added more information about gear shift repair.
  May 30, 2010 Started Sega Super GT (SCUD Race) page ... very preliminary!  
  May 22, 2010 Adding information about Daytona 2 Power Edition upgrade!  
  March 14, 2010 Added relay repair, apron before/after pics, and edits based on quick proof reading to the Star Wars page  
  March 3, 2010 Added some information and pictures to the Star Wars page  
  March 2, 2010 Started Data East Star Wars page (here)  
  December 13, 2009 Fixed email address problem
Added a little more info about the Simpsons alpha-numeric score repair
  November 5, 2009 Added information about Simpsons alpha-numeric score repair  
  August 8, 2009 Updated home page a bit (added sections for pins and vids)
Added link to gameroom video on YouTube
  July 2, 2009 Small update to Daytona 2 page (now have the correct casters!)  
  June 24, 2009 Updated Daytona 2 section with leg leveler info  
  June 14, 2009 Added info about a video game!  Sega Daytona 2..  
  June 6, 2009 Added video if Indiana Jones gameplay to IJ page.  
  May 31, 2009 Changed my email address.  Too much spam.  See note at top for the new email.  
  May 9, 2009 Something crazy happened!  I've added some information about the Panasonic DMC-ZS3 camera (click here)  
  March 30, 2009 Added a ton of info about my Indiana Jones shop (finally!)  
  February 15, 2009 Added video of Terminator 2 gameplay to the Terminator page  
  January 25, 2009 Added video of White Water gameplay to the White Water page  
  January 24, 2009 Added video of Ripley's gameplay to the RBION page  
  January 19, 2009 Added video of Creature gameplay to the Creature page  
  June 1, 2008 Updated Indiana Jones Path of Adventure text to correct mistake about 2nd flipper opto  
  April 4, 2008 Updated Indiana Jones (IJ) page with right ramp removal  
  March 28, 2008 Updated contact information  
  March 23, 2008 Added information about shopping (cleaning inserts, subway, lamp PCBs)
Added (large) picture of playfield bottom
  March 13, 2008 Added a bunch of pictures of the Creature Hologram
Added a picture of the slide VUK that broke
  March 7, 2008 Updated all pin pages to include links to home and all other pin pages (at the top)  
  March 6, 2008 Started Creech page!  (Creature from the Black Lagoon or CFTBL)  
  February 7, 2008 Wow!  It has been a while.  Added story about STTNG battery  
  June 11, 2007 Added Simpsons 3-Drop target repair  
  June 9, 2007 Added a ton of stuff to the Simpsons page  
  June 5, 2007 Updated to Simpsons page  
  May 31, 2007 Added Simpsons page (my first Data East machine). Go Bart, Homer, Marge, Maggie and Lisa!  
  April 1, 2007 Additional text to existing Fire! sections
Added information about battery holder repair
Added information about reproducing plastic targets
Added information about broken ramp repair
  March 28, 2007 Added a bunch more Fire! stuff
  • How bell works
  • Ramp removal and cleaning
  • How the cool fire effect works
  • Skill shot repair
  March 27, 2007 Started Fire! page (my first System 11 machine!)  
  March 3, 2007 Added information about STTNG cannon's home and mark  
  March 2, 2007 Added a bit about debugging STTNG cannon problems  
  February 24, 2007 WCS94 lock and light repair added  
  August 26, 2006 Added information about Ted's eye installation to Road Show  
  August 24, 2006 Eyes for Ted! 
New WCS Soccer Ball!
  July 28, 2006 Added more information to WCS page
Reformatted things a bit across the entire site
  July 27, 2006 Started World Cup Soccer 94 (WCS) page
Minor updates to STTNG page
  April 14, 2006 Added information about "R" in River repair (WhiteWater)
Added information about Road Show knocker
  April 2, 2006 Added information about STTNG hole protector
Added information about Delta Ramp removal
Added information about G.I problem and burnt connector
  March 30, 2006 Rearranged STTNG sections and cleaned up some text
Added drop target behavior
Added more pictures
  March 28, 2006 Added text about drop target repair, some playfield cleaning, and various updates to STTNG  
  March 26, 2006 More STTNG updates.  Added information about cannon repairs.  
  March 25, 2006 Cleaned up the formatting of the STTNG page.  Added some new content.  
  March 22, 2006 More pictures added to STTNG page.  
  March 21, 2006 Started Star Trek: The Next Generation (STTNG) page.  
  November 20, 2005 Information about second 8-light PCB for White Water added.  
  November 5, 2005 Added information and picture of FunHouse lamp insert adjustment.  
  October 30, 2005 Added information and picture of FunHouse subway cleaning.  
  August 22, 2005 Added information about Waterfall topper to White Water section.  
  August 1, 2005 Added information about coin door inserts to Road Show section.  
  July 21, 2005 Updated Road Show with Ted's PCB motor repair.  
  July 4, 2005 Added information about White Water "lite lock" targets.
Added information about White Water "Insanity Falls / Whirlpool" sign.
  June 29, 2005 Updated and added some text to the White Water section.  
  June 28, 2005 Information about transformer Molex connector added to White Water.
Added information about NOS Big Foot head to White Water.
Added information about new plastics to White Water.
Added information about plunger to White Water.
Added an image of the White Water topper.
  June 24, 2005 Added White Water page.  It is very preliminary.  
  June 14, 2005 Added a bit of information about the Road Show shaker motor.  
    Added information to Getaway regarding Supercharger speed improvement (diverter replacement).  
  June 5, 2005 Added pictures of playfield chip repair to Road Show section.  
  May 27, 2005 Added information about chip in Road Show playfield below bumper post.  
  May 25, 2005 (Road Show) Added picture of Red's hat and Ted's hat with the new decals.  
  May 23, 2005 Added Road Show decal artwork.
Added information about replacing leg bolt plates on Road Show.
Added information about cleaning left ramp on Road Show.
  May 21, 2005 Added information about new Road Show DMD.
Added information about new Road Show City Start sign.
Added information about Road Show "Bob's Souvenir Bunker" sign.
  May 17, 2005 Added information about cleaning Road Show right ramp.  
  May 15, 2005 Added information about FunHouse ramp replacement.
Added information to Terminator section (coin door, Hunter Killer ship).
Added information about Indiana Jones Bi-Plane.
Added a bunch of information about the Road Show repairs and shopping.
  May 13, 2005 Minor enhancements to Road Show page.  
  May 10, 2005 Started Road Show page.  
  March 25, 2005 Added listing of RBION Odditorium facts.  
  March 15, 2005 Added information about Funhouse (Rudy) repair.  
  December 21, 2004 Adjusted text that was added back on 11/6/04.  
  November 6, 2004 Added additional information about IJ POA stuttering.  
  May 12, 2004 Added a bunch of images from the bottom of the RBION playfield.  
  May 10, 2004 Added information to FunHouse section about Rudy's eyeball repair.  
  May 4, 2004 Fixed typos in Indiana Jones and Getaway sections.
Added "Path of Adventure was stuttering" problem to Indiana Jones section.
Added image of F103 fuse to Getaway section.
  May 2, 2004 Started recording changes.
Added image of RBION backglass lighting to RBION machine information page.
Added image of RBION playfield to main RBION page.
Added Funhouse section.
Fixed some typos in the Indiana Jones section.  I should really proof read the entire site...