Stern Pirates of the Caribbean Pinball

Repairs, Restorations, Tweaks and Insights


April 18, 2018 (Updated September 2, 2019)

Pirates of the Caribbean entered my gameroom in April of 2018 and ended up leaving in September of 2019. During that time it developed no problems and, as a result, this page doesn't have much in the way of technical information.

Pirates is an unique game. I'd almost call it mellow. The music is never rocking, the sound effects are never extreme. The playfeild is't busy. It does, however, all come together very well.

Miscellaneous Pictures

April 18, 2018

Pirates of the Caribbean is a nice looking pin! Some miscellaneous pictures are below.

Stern S.A.M. System

April 18, 2018

A few pictures of Stern's S.A.M. system follow.

Under the Playfield

April 18, 2018

A few pictures from under the playfield follow.