Theatre of Magic


August 2, 2021

Prelininary / Work-in-progress content

Theatre of Magic is an incredible pinball machine. It's beautiful, has an excellent playfield layout, and is very fun to play.

What? That was kind of vague? Ok. Here's a few more items.

All of which adds up to a wonderful experience while playing Theatre of Magic.

The Theatre of Magic I picked up is in excellent condition. It is also very original, meaning it has no "mods" and still has incondescent lighting. I only know of the following issues:

I'd say that's pretty impressive for a game from 1995!

Such a great looking playfield!

August 4, 2021

Common Burnt General Illumination Connector

August 4, 2021

It's very common for Bally/Williams games to have burnt G.I. connectors. It's so common that it's basically expected on any games from the 90s that hasn't had the G.I. connector repaired. Luckily it's an easy repair.

Below is a picture of the burnt G.I. connector still attached to Theatre of Magic followed by a close up of the connector after it is removed. This shows the other side of the connector compared to the previous picture. The last picture shows the repaired G.I. connector.

A Bit About the Magic Trunk

August 4, 2021

The Magic Trunk is the main toy in Theatre of Magic. It rotates and each side performs (or allows) a different task.

Below are pictures of the 4 different sides.

"Unbreakable" Magic Trunk

August 15, 2021

The Magic Trunk on Theatre of Magic gets hit by the pinball a lot. As a result, the Magic Trunk is known to chip and/or break over time (and sometimes rather quickly). My Theatre of Magic came with a slightly chipped trunk. However, it also came with an uninstalled replacement trunk --- the "Unbreakable Trunk for Theatre of Magic". This trunk is created by user georgio on Pinside and made out of Silicon, allowing it to flex and not break. People have reported the "unbreakable" trunk looks perfect after 2+ years.

Below is a picture of the "Unbreakable Trunk for Theatre of Magic". I'm intentionally showing the trunk's flexibility.

Replacing the Theatre of Magic turnk is very easy. It is held in place by 4 screws and, occationally, some double stick tape. The 4 screws are shown below followed by a picture of the trunk mechanism with the covering removed.

Top of Playfield Pictures

August 2, 2021

Here are some pictures of the Theatre of Magic playfield.

Below the Playfield Pictures

August 2, 2021

Here are some pictures of the bottom side of the playfield.

Side Art

August 4, 2021

The best picture I have at the moment of Theatre of Magic's cabinet art is the one below. It shows the game partially setup.

Any Comments?

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