Configurable 4k (2160p) Focus and Convergence Test Patterns

Projector convergence and focus are both important parts of an impressive home theater. Unfortunately, historically available test patterns do not provide a way to easy differentiate between the two. That's where these patterns come into play.

Focus and Convergence Pattern Controls

Background = 0% 25% 50% 75% 100%
Note: You can click on the test pattern to make it full screen

4k (2160p) Test Pattern

Release Notes

1/24/2013: First Release
1/27/2013: Added background grayscale selection. Note that changing background automatically redraws current pattern
1/28/2013: Added fullscreen support. Click on the displayed test pattern to enable/disable
1/29/2013: Tweaked to work with Internet Explorer (already worked with Safari, Firefox and Chrome). Note: No fullscreeen support with IE
1/31/2013: Added some instructions / overview
7/22/2015: Updated slightly
1/18/2020: Modified to support 4k
8/2/2020: Updated slightly (really should have a unified 1080p / 4k version)