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Slot machines are mindless fun. I always thought having a slot machine in my gameroom would be a great addition. It's not something I expect to use that often, but it provides additional variety. Real "Vegas-style" slot machine are not cheap, however, which kept me from getting one. When a Japanese skill slot (Pachislo) became available within a couple hours of me, I though it might be the perfect compromise since pachislo machines cost significantly less than "Vegas-style" machines.

Sorry about this web page. It's mostly just a bunch of pictures with little other information. Someday I may get around to updating.

Inside Cabinet Pictures


Volume Adjustment


The volume adjustment for Yajikita is a little hidden on the inside of the front door. It is on the bottom of the electronics board between the two speakers.

Above shows a picture of the two speakers, which are inside the plastic containers, and the electronic board in-between them. If you look closely, you can see a switch on the bottom of the electronics board.

A close-up image of the volume switch is shown above. This switch has three positions: high, higher, and highest. Unfortunately the volume on Yajikita never gets very low, even at the lowest setting.

Hardware Modification to Lower Volume


Since the amplification circuitry only allows 3 volume levels, all of which are pretty loud, it's common to modify pachislo machines to reduce the volume. The easiest approach is to increase the resistance of the speakers.

As can be seen from the picture above, Yajikita uses 8 Ohm (10 Watt) speakers. Everything else being equal, increasing the speaker's resistance will reduce the output volume. I found adding 20 Ohms makes the volume pretty reasonable. I used a pot, but I'm not happy with it so I'm not showing a picture right now. I think a pot with resistance up to 100 Ohms would be perfect.

Removing the Reels


Removing the reels from the Yajikita machine is very easy. All that is needed is to disconnect two cables, remove a screw, and pull out the reels. The images below show how it is done.

Start by removing the connector from the back of the machine shown in the picture above. This is the connector with multi colored wires (at least 12 of them). This connector is just above and behind the reel mechanism on the right side when viewed from the front of the machine, looking inside the machine.

On top of the reel mechanism, on the left, is the second connector that must be removed. This is shown above. It is the one labeled CN1 with around 10 wires (not the one with 4 wires).

On the bottom of the reel mechanism, shown above, is a single screw that must be removed. The picture above shows the screw already removed. Remove this and the reel mechanism simply pulls forward and out.

With the reels removed, the machine looks barren. The large empty case is shown above.

Finally, the reels are shown outside of the machine in the picture above.



Getting started here...

Translations (Japanese to English)


Yajikita is almost entirely in Japanese. I've enlisted the help of several individuals fluent in Japanese and they have helped translate.

Text in Circles

The translation of the text in the circles from left to right is shown below

  1. "In"

  2. "Start"

  3. "Wait"

  4. "Again" / "Replay"

  5. "Hit" / "Win"

Credit Display

Translation: "Your Stock" (aka credits)

Translation in progress...






Guide Option Screen

Guide Option

Guide Function
Number of bonus wins Clear personal data Reach and chance
Information regarding bonus Possibility of winning bonus Description of how to play
Slump graph Dividend (yield) table
Information regarding "small hit" (?) Reel array

Optional Configuration

Optional Configuration
Display total number of AT rotating in 7 segment display [on | off]
When you turn on, you can see total number of AT per day in this area

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